Welcome to the

Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematical Research

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematical Research (CIMR) at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK is devoted to promoting research collaborations between mathematicians and scientists in other fields, as well as mathematicians working in different areas of mathematics. The aim is to use mathematics to solve problems arising in industry and in other scientific disciplines and to develop new mathematical ideas motivated by the challenges of interdisciplinary research. Our interests are broad and the only restriction we put on the mathematical research that we do is its quality. See the current and previous research seminars for a sample of the range of topics discussed.

The Centre was established in 2000 and grew as a result of the interest expressed by the various Schools at UEA and the Institute for Food Research in Norwich in such a venture. The original director of the centre was Prof Jean-Marc Vanden-Broeck and the current director is Dr Robert Whittaker. We are based in the School of Mathematics, and all its faculty are among the members of the Centre. We welcome new members who share our interest.

We meet for research seminars and workshops, where all are welcome to participate. We have an e-mail list to keep people up to date with CIMR developments, and you can also view our events calendar (ICAL format). If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact Robert Whittaker with a request. Likewise if you know of a suitable topic for a seminar or workshop, or think that mathematical modelling could prove a fruitful exercise on some of your research please get in touch.

Why the picture?

M.C. Escher's work epitomises the mathematical side of art. "Hand With Reflecting Sphere (self-portrait in a spherical mirror)" is an example of how by changing one's point of view one can enlarge one's understanding of one's own world. Within mathematics and its application, that is exactly the result that the Centre hopes to achieve by letting us taking advantage of each other's knowledge through interdisciplinary collaborations.